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Management Services

Portfolio Management Advisory Services

Portfolio Management Advisory Services:

Adaaf Advisory Services is an Equity Research company owned by Mr. Imtiaz Merchant. We under take equity stock advisory service for those Investors who wants guidance on their portfolio. We guide them through our specialized PAS. In this service, we give advisory with a minimum Investment of Rupees 20 lacs. In the first stage, we restructure the existing portfolio of our clients. We believe in balancing the portfolio in size and sectors with suitable weight, hence we allocate appropriate weight to individual Stocks & Sectors. We never advise our clients to buy penny stocks where the risk is proportionally high. We suggest stocks of companies with least leverage those that pay good dividends. Our theme is to invest in those sectors that have attained leadership and allot relatively higher weights on them. We use Fundamental and the Technical studies in conjunction and we call it 'Rational Analysis'.


  • We provide professional advisory services to restructure client’s existing investment portfolio.
  • Our performance is measured by the wealth created for our clients. The returns are benched marked with Sensex and BSE 200, as well as Nifty.
  • All the stocks advised to the clients are from ethical and socially responsible businesses.
  • We aim to generate positive long-term returns for portfolio by restructuring and balancing it with appropriate quality stocks so that over a period, the portfolio out performs the market.
  • OOur Portfolio Advisory Services assists investors to fetch above average return in normal market conditions and help him/her to timely entry and exit.
  • The updated portfolio is sent to clients on Excel spread sheet on a regular basis, and the clients after execution, as per our instructions, are expected to provide us with the updates of actions taken on our advice. We monitor the portfolio very closely and keep the clients informed about the developments.


1st Stage: Portfolio Review:
Client is asked to mail their existing portfolio on an excel spread sheet to us to review the sector, size and weight allocation exposure of client’s existing portfolio. We then advise clients to start fresh investment through our advisory services. The clients are provided with a list of stocks to be bought or sold.

2nd Stage: Formulation of Portfolio Rebalancing:
Reformulate / Revamp portfolio by its sector and size, segment balancing and filtering of non -ethical stocks if any, communicating with the client regarding stock exclusion list. For clients who have started fresh, this stage has already been taken care of in the first stage.

3rd Stage: Implementation of Portfolio Rebalancing:
Liquidation of the stocks selected for exclusion at an opportune time and reinvest in suggested stocks with appropriate sector size and weight allocation with attractive expected returns. The clients are expected to send, through e-mail, their portfolio status as on every weekend, i.e. every Friday or Saturday.

4th Stage: Monitoring the Portfolio:
Due to the dynamic nature of the markets, continuous monitoring, supervising and balancing of the portfolio for sector, size and weight allocation is done on continues basis for better returns. Appropriate stop loss and target prices are sent to the clients by e-mail. Informing client on continues basis, the performance and updates about the company's stocks held. Change in the prospects of the company is informed to the clients and stocks are replaced to adjust the portfolio accordingly.

Fee Structure:

Clients are charged a fixed fee of 3 % annually on the portfolio corpus. The minimum portfolio amount of investment of clients should be Rs. 20 lacs or INR 2 million. The fee will be payable every quarter in advance i.e. the client will have to pay 25% of the fee or 0.75% amount of his portfolio corpus as fee at the beginning of every quarter for each subsequent quarter. however, clients can avail discounts if the fees paid in advance for 6 months at 2. 75 percent, and for yearly advance payment the client will have to pay 2. 50 percent.

E.g. If the client’s portfolio size is Rs.20 lacs, then the yearly fee will be 60000 /- (Sixty thousand only). Quarterly payable fee will be Rs. 15,000/- (Fifteen thousand only).

For more details kindly contact our team:

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