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Frequently Asked Questions

How Risky is Stock / Equity Market?

In comparison to all other asset class for Investment, stock markets have higher market risk. The movement in Equity markets subject to many factors like the economy, (includes the macro & the micro fundamental), Industry and Company’s performance, Corporate governance of the companies, Govt. policy and reforms, Geo- political situation, Monsoon, other psychological factors (like risk aversion, and emotions like greed, panic, hope & despair) Although the risk in equity market is little more but at the same time the returns on equity investments are superior. If one has a medium to long term approach towards equity markets and one manages the risk with a balanced & diversified portfolio and adhere to discipline and prudent money management, then history has proved that investment in equity has given the highest return. And it is one of the best option where investment in financial markets are concerned.

What is Adaaf Advisory Services?

Adaaf Advisory Services is an equity stock advisory company, with focus on ethical, socially responsible and performance oriented investing. Kindly visit ‘About Us’ section of our website, you will get all the details about Adaaf Advisory Services.

How do you provide the Advisory Services?

We give various services depending on the need and propensity of the clients. The stock advisory services are namely SMS investment call for short and medium term, Pay for Successful Calls (PSC)Short to medium term, Multi-bagger for long term investors, portfolio advisory service and weekly Newsletter services. Once the clients get registered for our services his accounts get activated and he starts receiving the services, the SMS and PSC calls are given via text message on the client’s mobile with respective target and stop loss, the Multi- bagger (long term) and the Newsletter is given through the registered e-mail ID of the customer and the Portfolio Management Service is a specialized and customized service given through excel files wherein, we help client build their portfolio using our well researched companies with appropriate Sector and Size allocation. The excel files are mailed to clients and after necessary action, the clients returns the file to us for further monitoring and actions.

How to use your services?

We provide user manual documents to our paid clients. They need to follow the instructions and investments policy. When the SMS for buying and selling is sent one should instantly act. Stop loss & Target discipline is critical to the performance and hence one should strictly adhere to it. Investors should have a balanced & diversified approach towards their investments. We believe not to invest more than 10- 12 percent in one stock and ideally 60 percent of one’s investment should be done in large cap sized companies. One should not invest more than 25 percent of the total corpse in one sector. This way one can not only manage risk but get optimized returns. (Details of how much investment required to get a decent return is mentioned in the tables below).

Who can subscribe?

Any Individual having De-mat & Trading account can subscribe to our service, it can be an individual investor, High Net Worth Investors(HNI), Non- Resident Indian (NRI), Proprietary concern, Partnership firm, Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) or a Joint Stock Company can all avail our services.

What is the cost of services?

The price section on our website has got the entire details of price structure. For more details Click here.

Do you provide Day trading and Futures & Option calls?

Historically it has been proved that Day’s trading and F&O trading has never given positive returns on investment since these activities are speculation not investment. So as a policy of ethical and socially responsible investments, we don’t give day trading or derivatives (F&O) trading call, it’s against the policy and our principle philosophy.

Do you provide commodities calls?

No, we do not provide commodities calls. Commodity trading in India is done through futures contract and hardly done on delivery basis and since we don’t consider futures trading as investments, we don’t give commodity calls.

How long Adaaf Advisory Services has been around?

Mr. Imtiaz Merchant being a qualified investment analyst and being registered under SEBI started Adaaf Advisory Services in the year 2012 and has a decent set of clients benefitting from our services. The testimonial and the performance evaluation speak for itself. We have got a research team that is constantly working under Mr. Imtiaz Merchant, we have got sales and after-sales service team, and accomplished back office team, all this has helped us provide seamless services to our clients.

How can I trust you?

The proof of pudding is in its eating, many of our clients have benefited from our advisory services and their testimony says all. You may initially take one step by subscribing to one service for a limited period and if profitable in terms of returns and services you may go ahead for further subscription. And we are sure that you will soon become our loyal customer, our motto is to see that client’s hard earned money is put to proper investment to get him decent returns. If you have any problem about the performance, services and the usage of our services you can always write to us or call on our helpline, we are prompt in replying.

When will I get trading calls?

Once you are registered as a paid client, your account will get activated and you will start getting Investment ideas depending on the services you have subscribed.

How many trading calls will I get monthly?

It depends on the service you have chosen. For details, you can visit ‘Our Services’ section of our website wherein, you will get all the details about our various services.

Do you suggest when to book Profits or Exit?

Yes, as a policy of our service we suggest when to book profit or exit. For details, you can visit ‘Our Services’ section of our website wherein, you will get all the details.

How much I can earn by following your tips?

We don’t give tips as such, our calls are Research based wherein we do Fundamental and Technical studies. Your question is subjective as the return on investments depends on two things. One, the overall market condition and second, the way you implement or execute our advice. If you continue our services for duration of over one year and withstand the bad market corrections than looking at our past performance you may earn 18 to 24 percent net of all expenses. Caution: Past performance is not the guarantee of future performances. But if all goes well than certainly you will get decent returns on your investments.

When can I contact you?

Our experienced team is always available to guide and cater to your needs, we are very prompt in replying to our clients, we are available on Chat, Call, Mails etc. Understanding the nature of the business and the risk associated, we get back instantly to serve our clients. Our team is available during the day between 9.30 am to 7 pm.

Can we directly talk to the Analysts?

Since the research team remains busy, our sales and relationship manager are more than capable to handle your query and are quite competent, if required they will take your query to our research team and get back with a satisfactory reply. In acute cases, we can get our research team to speak, however on Saturday the research team is available between 12 and 5 pm.

What is the procedure to subscribe?

A detail for subscription is given on our website and for more details and clarity you can call us or e-mail us. You need to fill in the KYC form and a written mail about the services you need and we will confirm the same through the mail once we have received the payments and your account is opened.

How can I achieve success?

Your Success depends 60 percent on our recommendation and 40 percent on your execution and implementation. You need to be diligent and disciplined following which success is assured. Your emotions can be your friend or foe. If you are too greedy or too passive and ignore our guidance than we are afraid you may underperform. Never get elated or humiliated, be calm and composed and simply follow our advice, rest will be done by itself. ‘Markets are like oceans you cannot control the ocean but yourself a good sailor knows when to sail and when to be remain on shore’. We will guide you whether to sail or be on the shore but if you do otherwise than the objective will be difficult to achieve Our Good Research& Analysis along with your Discipline, Diligence and Patience is the recipe for success.

How to protect my Investments under your Advisory?

The best way you can protect your Investment is by maintaining stop loss discipline. Stop loss is a life line. Loss aversions should be avoided at any cost; markets give lot of opportunities although a wise investor will first protect his or her capital. Stop losses are of three types progressive, protective & trailing. One can keep the stop loss at the level point suggested when the call is given and then as the prices goes up one can raise the stop loss, this is called the trailing or progressive stop loss. The protective stop loss is when the stock prices are falling, it is imperative to protect the capital and this can be done using this stop loss technique. This will help you limit your losses.

What Is Your Accuracy Ratio?

Our accuracy ratio varies on services, for the short term calls the success rate is lower compared to medium or long-term investments. Our past track shows that on an average throughout the year our accuracy rate is about 70 to 75 percent; that is on every 20 calls given 14 to 15 stocks achieved the targets and the rest underperforms and stop loss is hit. However the stop loss is usually one third of the expected earnings, which is if a return of 15 percent is envisaged then the stop loss would be around 5 to 6 percent, however sometimes it may vary by 1 to 2 percent or so.

What are the modes of Payments?

Through net banking transfer, cheque or cash. Our payment gateway is underway and soon payment can be done via Debit & Credit cards too.

Can We Deposit Cash?

Usually we discourage cash transaction, but in exceptional cases you may deposit, but not over 20,000/- (Twenty Thousand) against the bill raised on you.

Is There Any Free-Trial Service? If Yes, How Can I Avail That?

We give a free trial of maximum four days, you can fill the free trial form on homepage of our website mentioning all your details, your free trail will be activated and our team will contact you for assistance.

Contact for Services:

You can call us on our numbers: +91 9022978637 / 022-23007290 and talk to our support team.

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