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Comprehensive and in-depth research is essential to enable informed investment decisions. We, at Adaaf Advisory Services deliver high quality research and guide our clients in making the right choices when it comes to advising them to attain goals of wealth creation- The Ethical Way.

We follow the theory of Rational Analysis i.e. combined studies of Fundamental & Technical. Our stock selection method is based on screening of stocks with various proprietary parameter and scores are assigned to each stocks on which basis stocks are selected. Once we have selected the stocks we look into the price action of the stocks through the technical analysis indicators, which gives us signals of the price - whether it is the right time to buy or sell.

We scientifically follow steps to reach to our conclusion of selecting stocks for investments. First, we look closely at the Corporate Governance and the Management, only ethically and efficiently managed companies merit investments irrespective of their past performance. Second comes the number crunching - we are very conservative in our estimation, we don't go overboard, we rather take a pragmatic approach. We strictly follow our proprietary parameters to estimate forward earning, we focus on growth stocks and over years it has proved fruitful to us and our clients. We don't get too influenced with the market forces rather focus on our Research & Analysis. We don't get bogged down with market volatility rather use them to our advantage. And finally we study the price action through our proprietary technical studies; this helps us to understand the deviation of stock prices, which helps us to take timely decision of buying and selling. Using all the studies in conjunction we select the best companies for investments.

Apart from other investments advisory service, Our Research section includes Weekly Newsletters & Companies Research reports.

  • Newsletters -

Clients receive ‘Newsletter’ via E-mail every weekend. A short commentary or the overview on the markets, as to how they have fared during the past week, and what it looks like going ahead in the next week, is mentioned in the Market Brief section of the newsletter. Our newsletter also contains the Technical overview, provided in detail along with the Supports, Resistances and Outlook for Nifty and Sensex. Mr. Imtiaz Merchant’s one or two best stock picks for short to medium term investments are provided for clients in every newsletter.

  • Research Reports –

Company’s research reports with complete fundamental and technical analysis of the company are provided to clients. Quarterly results analysis, corporate actions, forward estimated earnings, order book positions, projects deals of the company, mergers and acquisition details, and all activities of the companies are covered in detail under these research reports.

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