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Why Us ?

Why Us?

Novel & Innovative

Adaaf Advisory Service is a unique Stock Advisory Company, the one of its kind, wherein our services are focused on delivery based investment & wealth creation. We discourage and totally discard Day's Trading, Derivative Trading, and Speculation. Historically it is observed since many centuries the speculators have never made wealth, it is a minus-some game and on the other hand, investment is assets-based, consequently, there is a very high probability of wealth creation and we are instrumental to many investors in creating wealth the ethical way. This is one biggest advantage of our advisory service, it is not just a service but service to the mankind as a whole to create wealth and avoid speculation. Out stock picking technique is based on Fundamental and Technical that is Techno- Fundamental Analysis. We are very particular in stock picking, we screen companies based on our norms. We don't suggest investing in companies that are in huge debts but rather pick stocks that are least leveraged. Our idea of Ethical investment is based on investing in socially responsible businesses. Hence we refrain from advising on companies that are in the nuisance business of Alcohol, Tobacco, Meat, distillery&weapons of mass destruction. As part of our socially responsible theme, we never suggest our clients to buy stocks of the companies that provide socially harmful services like casinos &gambling, vulgar entertainment, securities trading that includes trading of Futures & Options.  Thus makes it a unique stock advisory service.


We want our clients to invest in socially meaningful and responsible businesses that add values to their investment.“Derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction” as quoted by Warren Buffet. We believe in this principle of Warren Buffet. Wealth is created through Investment whereas speculation destroys the wealth. Investment multiplies money in long term but speculation is a minus sum game and erodes wealth. It is only the stockbrokers, tax collectors and jobbers make money at the cost of speculators and traders community who keeps pouring money in the markets. Our objective is to guide the investors and the trader's community to come out of this menace of speculation and only invest. Since the time immemorial speculators have never earned money, they don't realize that there is no money in the pot for them to earn.It is simply their perception and greed. But on the other hand, it has been proven that an investor gets an investor's return,


Safe hands

Our experienced team along with our chief mentor Mr. Imtiaz Merchantwho has experience of 20 years, constantly do Research & Analysis through fundamental and technical studies. We have a rare screening method that keeps evolving over time. Our performance says all. Our clients not only earn through our advisory but learn too, through guidance and interactions. One more reason to go with us is our fee structure, which in comparison to our quality, service and performance is reasonable and affordable. We don't desire to earn from clients who make losses but from their profits. We put all the efforts to see that over a period of time our client eventually benefits from our services. Good seamless services and good consistent performance is critical to our Advisory business hence we leave no stone unturned to get higher accuracy in terms of successful calls and returns there off.


Why us? – Because…

  • We don't give days& derivatives trading calls. We believe in investing and not speculation as wealth can only be created by investing, may it be for short or long term. Speculation destroys wealth.


  • Our top-class research team makes our client’s task easier. We select stocks and tell them when to buy and sell through SMS and emails


  • We only give calls of the companies that are, on a relative basis, ethically and socially responsible and having no debt or minimal debt.


  • Our experienced, dynamic and trained sales & relationship management team are constantly in touch with our valued clients and promptly solve their issues.


  • We provide stock performance sheet to our clients every month where he can evaluate the investment calls and appraise his stock portfolio.


  • Our variety of advisory services can cater to the needs of all types of investors - may he be a short, medium or a long-term investor. Even small investors can take benefit from our services.


  • We charge very reasonable fees considering the kind of services and performance we deliver and one can judge the same by oneself, 'The proof of the pudding is in the eating.'


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