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SMS - Short Term Investment Calls ( 3 to 30 Trading Days)

Relatively Profitable Investment calls for short term Investors and traders who are keen to make some instant profit. This service is a bit riskier as compared to other services, but if well executed can yield good returns. Execution and implementation of calls is key to this service. Short term calls are based on the Fundamental & Technical Analysis with more focus and emphasis on Technical Analysis. We have an accomplished and experienced Research team headed by Mr. Imtiaz Merchant (Market Expert). Short term investment calls are valid for duration of 3 days to 30 trading days. If the target or the stop loss is not reached the call is closed. (Note: Its 30 trading days and not calendar dates so approximately 1 and ½ months of calendar days)



  • Investment calls for short term Investor & Traders, these calls are given based on the fundamental & Technical Analysis with more thrust on Technical by our research team.
  • Short term investment calls are for the duration of 3 to 30 trading days (calls close after every 30 trading days irrespective of success or failure of calls.)
  • Depending on the market conditions, 10 to 12 short term investment calls are given every month. Our passed track record demonstrates that success rate between 65 to 70% in terms of calls. (It means 65 to 75 percent of calls given are successful based on the market scenario).
  • Our Short term calls gives reasonable returns, stop losses are between 3 to 5 percent and returns are between 8 to 12 percent. Now even if you calculate the net return that is after deducting the unsuccessful calls losses and the cost thereof the returns to the subscribers are still positive, however with proper execution and implementation of calls.
  • Well defined stop loss and target are given with every call. Clients get instant SMS, so that they can take instant action.
  • We give a unique service to our Client they would receive an open call position sheet every fortnight through e-mail. This helps Investors to reconcile, review and evaluate the calls.

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