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Pay for Successful Calls ( PSC )

This is a unique service for short to medium term investors and traders. Under this scheme, we initiate Technical calls, our MD MR. Imtiaz Merchant has 22 years of experience in the field of Technical Analysis, and his success rate is quite decent. Though the basis of selecting companies is based on Fundamental analysis, when to...

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SMS - Short Term Investment Calls ( 3 to 30 Trading Days)

Relatively Profitable Investment calls for short term Investors and traders who are keen to make some instant profit. This service is a bit riskier as compared to other services, but if well executed can yield good returns. Execution and implementation of calls is key to this service. Short term calls are based on the Fundamenta...

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SMS- Medium Term Investment Calls ( 1 to 5 Month )

 Investment calls for medium term investments are given based on the Rational Analysis theory (Technical + Fundamental). This is the second best services after Multi-bagger. We recommend stocks with consistent growth, least Debt, sound Management & Governance and from leading sectors. The investment calls under this ser...

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Short Term + Medium Term Calls ( Combo ) Service

This is a cost-saving service to the subscribers who subscribe to both Short and Medium-term Investment calls, for the short term and the medium-term investments calls as explained remains the same, the benefit to the subscriber is that by virtue of subscribing both the services at a time we offer special discount to the investo...

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Multi-Bagger Investment Ideas (long term investment) is our all-time favourite Investment service and it is quite popular amongst our clients. The multi-bagger stocks are analysed using both Fundamental & Technical analysis (rational analysis) with more focus on Fundamental analysis. We carry out comprehensive research on th...

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News Letter

Our weekly Newsletter is a good market informer, contains market overview on the week gone by and what instrumented the Rise and the Fall of the markets and the likely scenario for the upcoming week. The Weekly Index levels, Market trends, Support & Resistance, Technical report on the Nifty, the top Gainers & the lose...

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Management Service

We as an Equity Research house under take equity portfolio advisory service for those Investors who are managing their own portfolio. We guide them through our specialized PAS. In this service we give advisory on minimum corpse of Rupees 15 lacs. In the first stage we restructure the existing portfolio of our clients. First and foremost we see ...

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